Enigma Net AVPN for Business

It’s easy for big corporations to operate their own VPN services. However, smaller businesses often lack the resources necessary to set up and maintain a private VPN.
Enigma Net created our AVPN (Accelerated Virtual Private Network) to liberate this underserved market. A standard consumer level VPN might work in some cases, but businesses often require secure access to a server where they can host documents, apps, and other office resources for staff to access remotely.
Our AVPN is the most efficient way to secure data in transit. In our interconnected world, security is a big deal; one-fifth of small businesses suffered a hack, virus, or data breach in 2021. Our AVPN encrypts and secures all the internet traffic flowing between your home or office and our AVPN servers, making it very hard for hackers to access confidential data.
And the best thing about our service is that we actually speed up your connection whilst keeping you, and your data safe.
Speed, Stability and Security
Up to 20 x faster download speeds
Low cost, and easy to install
Clearer Calls and sharper video
24/7 support available

(All costs inc. VAT @20%)

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Energy Efficient Big Data Management

£389 inc VAT

Sitting between your ISP router and your Wi-Fi Router, this device will ensure that you get all of your available bandwidth and no packet loss
  • ProcessorIntel J1900
  • Hard Disk32GB MSATA
  • Power Consumption20W

AVPN Business Pricing Plans

Price Per User.
(All costs inc. VAT @20%)