What is Enigma Net?

Enigma Net is a suite of combined next generation hardware and software, that helps you get more out of the internet services we rely on.

One of our core products is AVPN™; an accelerated virtual private network that solves many common problems you may be facing with your internet service at home or at work.

Using patented technology and AI to sort and prioritise your internet traffic based on what you use most, making it ideal for Streamers, Gamers, Content Creators, Small Businesses, or anyone looking for a faster, more consistently stable on-line experience.

Enigma Net AVPN™ works in 2 ways: firstly, it analyses your ISP connection and locates the most stable and lowest latency connection to our network and locks this in, with zero packet loss and virtually no jitter.

Secondly, it constantly analyses the data and applies prioritisation based on what you use most. For example, sound and video immediately become noticeably clearer and higher definition thanks to 5x faster delivery. Enigma Net ensures the most stable connections to cloud services are found, enabling no slower than 50 ms ping and accelerating downloads and uploads up to 20x. And it does this in real time, all the time.

We are working with select partners to bring you the next generation of routers that connect you to our AVPN™, and unlocking the full potential of the Enigma Net. Powerful processors ensure there is always more bandwidth available to you, and iMeter™ measures upload and download speeds, and tracks the quality of your connection to the services you use most. It uses this real time data to show you in real time how we are improving your internet experience.

We also have direct accelerated links to most streaming services like Tidal, Netflix, Plex and XBOX Cloud, which means richer sounds, higher definition movies, and stable low latency gaming.

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Working from home? Running a Small business?

Are you experiencing slow speeds, difficulty with large file transfers reducing your productivity, inconsistent performance, interrupted Zoom and Teams calls? Is your digital strategy being held back by your poor internet connectivity? In our hyper-speed modern world, these are very common complaints. Assess your current service, and what we can do for you by visiting www.enigmanet.co.uk to run the internet quality test – our iQ Test.

Is it less than you thought and less than you pay for?

I have a lot of devices in my home

Regular routers do not manage what devices or service get priority over another. For example, this could mean your video doorbell would impact your music or video streaming service. Our technology helps you prioritise what's most important.

I love streaming music, watching UHD movies, and gaming

You do not only compete with devices in your own home, but every device in your neighbour’s home. The average contention ratio in the UK is purported to be 50 households per link, and the average internet devices per household in 2021 was 10, (a 26% increase since 2017), meaning you are potentially competing with 500 devices per link to get the service you pay for. EnigmaNET helps you take back control of your connection.

My Current VPN slows my internet down

Most people don’t know that almost all standard VPNs reduce your download speeds and increase your latency. The average speed reduction of the top VPN providers was 50%, with the best managing a 25% reduction in the speed of your internet. EnigmaNet does the opposite; it provides all the benefits of a standard VPN, and accelerates your connection without degrading its quality.

I live in a rural area

Rural users often suffer with low bandwidth due to old networks not being updated. Does this sound familiar? Are you still running on 3G/4G? Enigma Net improves your voice and data services too, keeping you up and running with modern speeds.

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